Jack Pots

Ceramics by Jack Henry @ Art Garden AVL Studio # 316

Introducing “Jack Pots,” the creative pottery brand crafted by Asheville-based artist Jack Henry. With a passion for infusing artistry into functional objects, Jack’s journey into pottery began three years ago under the expert guidance of the resident potters at The Village Potters. In November of 2023, Jack was honored to be accepted into their prestigious Apprenticeship program, where he embarked on advanced studies of ceramics, honing his skills and expanding his creative horizons.

Drawing inspiration from his background in oil painting and his fascination with themes of environmental sustainability and the human experience, Jack’s pottery embodies a unique fusion of artistry and functionality. Each piece tells a story, reflecting his distinctive style characterized by surreal and psychedelic influences.

With “Jack Pots,” Jack invites you to experience the beauty and utility of handmade ceramics imbued with his artistic vision. From intricately glazed mugs to intricately crafted bowls, every creation is a testament to Jack’s dedication to craftsmanship and his commitment to bringing art into everyday life.

Join Jack on his journey as he continues to explore the endless possibilities of clay, merging his passion for art with his love for the craft of pottery. Through “Jack Pots,” he seeks to inspire others to embrace creativity and find beauty in the simple act of using handmade objects, fostering a deeper connection between art, nature, and the human spirit.

Studio # 316 (floor plan)
Website: www.jackhenryfineart.com

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