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John MacKah Studio # 236

To paint realistically is a form of intimacy, grounded in curiosity and observation. It seems dispassionate to me to render the natural world without tenderness, but I think the painter…or any artist…honors the subject to try to get it right, to render the form, likeness and phenomena mindfully. It’s very hard not to impose a agenda or meaning and allow it to live on it is own way.

Each painting is a process of learning of how to bring those moments of clarity alive and share them. About finding a vocabulary and entering into a conversation. Part of the process of learning is also teaching, giving others tools to explore painting.

Growing up in Florida, I spent much of my time outdoors, drawing. I graduated from Ringling College of Art in 1984. A working studio, I also teach drawing, painting, plein-air, and traditional use of oils,both in my studio and area schools. My first studio opened in Asheville in 1996 in the River Arts District.

Studio # 236 (floor plan)
Phone: 828.225.5000

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