Jonas Gerard Fine Art

Jonas Gerard Studio # 144

We are very happy to have our 2nd location here in Riverview Station. Please also visit our gallery and studio at 240 Clingman Ave. Both galleries are open seven days a week from 10:00am – 6:00pm.

In our gallery there are signs stating, “It’s OK To Touch”. This speaks of and reinforces my love for the tactile elements in art. I work to shift and channel creative energy in its multitude of forms and express it through the indescribable push and pull of color, light and gesture.

My work is not about the end result: It is about the process. When the focus is on the process, the end result happens by itself: it’s always a beautiful surprise, a reward for letting go of concern about the outcome. That’s a wonderful secret.

I work best when I am far outside my comfort zone, deep into the realm where every step is a fresh discovery. Whether painting an abstract, landscape or other genre, the colors create their own relationships. Happy accidents dance across the canvas and I am joyous witness to hundreds of tiny miracles.

Studio # 144 (floor plan)
Phone: 828.255.6300