Cara May Knits

Cara May Studio # 220

Small batch, artisanal production – my pieces are understated, natural fiber creations. The subtlety of each piece belies unique textures, remarkable fibers & sculptural shapes. Every garment is handcrafted from start to finish – starting with selecting yarns and designing, then moving on to knitting, sewing seams, felting, blocking finished pieces, (or not blocking, just leaving deliciously crumpled & deconstructed).

My vision is founded in the Japanese wabi-sabi aesthetic. I like the way Architect, Tadao Ando defines wabi-sabi. “… Underplayed & modest, the kind of quiet, undeclared beauty that waits patiently to be discovered… It’s a richly mellow beauty that’s striking but not obvious, that you can imagine having around you for a long, long time.”