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Victoria Pinney Open Studio and Gallery Victoria Pinney, Stephanie Peterson Jones, Paul M Jones, Kathryn B Phillips, Cason Rankin and Christopher Peterson Studio 101 Victoria Pinney uses oil, wax and sand to build up layers and layers of ‘history’ which she scratches through and builds up again until the image reveals itself. The textured surface of her abstract oils is as important in appreciating the painting as color or shape. victoriapinney.com Stephanie Peterson Jones is an illustrator, painter, author and teacher. She works in both traditional (watercolor and gouache) and digital media – often combined. Stephanie is known for her bright and cheerful illustrations, graphic surface patterns, intricate ink drawings, unique floor mandalas and good handwriting. Much of her work represents kindness and positivity. stephaniepetersonjones.com Paul M Jones is a photographer who prefers to work in black and white, using the the more archaic and technologically primitive process of pinhole photography for his fine arts pursuits. pinholepip.com Kathryn B. Phillips has always challenged her surroundings. Her art mimics her life: by letting go of others’ expectations, as well as her own, Phillips has found harmony in the constant struggle to nurture freedom while still respecting the boundaries of good design. www.Kathryn Phillips.com Cason Rankin creates paintings of figures and faces - people and wildlife. The emotional impact of a portrait is just as essential as the image. It is important for her to convey the intensity of what that creature is feeling in a single moment in time. For Cason life and art are the same. Christopher Peterson uses the traditional methods of drawing and painting to observe and express not only the physical thing, but also the emotion in any given subject. After attending The Art Center College of design he began his career in NYC illustrating for the New York Times and Time Magazine, as well as many others.