Welcome to Riverview Station’s Interactive Map!

What is it?

The interactive map is an opportunity for us to showcase our community as well as your work. Our website features a floor plan map listing individual studios that when hovered over, will display your business name and an image of your work. When clicked on, your personal web page with images of your work and a brief description will display, as well as contact info and a link to your website or etsy site. Your personal page will also be available under the Who’s Here menu item in the main navigation. If you checked “Open Hours” or “Regularly Scheduled Classes” or “Arranged Classes”, this will show up under the page Plan Your Visit and link back to your artist page where you can put the details of your open hours and classes. Once you are logged in, you can also add events to the main part of the website and also change your password. Click on “Help” to find out how to add events.

Set up:

We’ve built a simple form for you to easily create and edit your page on RiverviewStation.com – even if you don’t have much experience with the internet. It only takes a few minutes to complete and is very self-explanatory.

You can login at http://www.riverviewstation.com and click the “+” in the top right corner of the site.

Enter your user name and password that was sent to you.

To change your passcode:

After you login, click on MY PROFILE under MY ARTISTS PAGE. This will take you to the general dashboard. Then click on