About chaboudyd@gmail.com

I am a photographer based in Asheville, North Carolina. Since my love for photography began, my style of photography has had many transformations. I have been fortunate to have the freedom to adapt my photography skills to accommodate a wide variety of interests over the years. Whether it has been rock climbing, travel, art, or band photography, these themes provided a wide range of shooting environments with their own unique challenges. I am happy to utilize these photographic skills to meet my clients' needs. With a strong education background and a lot of technical work experience, I am able to listen to your ideas and work with you to make your project take flight. From photographing products for online marketing to formal engagements, I maintain a professional approach to the project with a cheerful and outgoing personality. Book a photo session with me at the RAD Photographers Studio at Studio 250 in Riverview Station (191 Lyman Street in Asheville, North Carolina). Call 828-275-4774 to plan your session. email: chaboudyd@gmail.com