VictoriaPinney, Constance Vlahoulis, Eli Corbin and Kathryn B Phillips
Victoria Pinney Open Studio & Gallery

Studio 101

Victoria Pinney uses oil,wax and sand to build up layers and layers of 'history' which she scratches through and builds up again until the image reveals itself. The textured surface of her abstract oils is as important in appreciating the painting as color or shape.

Constance Vlahoulis is a mixed media artist who paints shared everyday moments. It could be the Carolina Coast, an iconic Asheville scene - or even dogs fishing. She also curates several exhibition spaces in WNC and is available for home curation consultations.

Kathryn B. Phillips has always challenged her surroundings. Her art mimics her life: by letting go of others’ expectations, as well as her own, Phillips has found harmony in the constant struggle to nurture freedom while still respecting the boundaries of good design.

Eli Corbin enjoys exploring the use of pattern and color to express emotion and meaning. Although my images are often representational, the palette and fragmentation allude to thoughts and sentiments which are not necessarily seen, but rather felt deep inside.